Every product mentioned in this blog is purchased with my own money, unless otherwise specified. Opinions on products are also based on my own experience and preferences, and hence if you are looking for a review of a product, do also look at other reviews to get a better idea. If you’re looking to see more colours of a polish, search for swatches on google image search.

If you would like me to review your product, I would love to do so! Please contact me at kay@twentysixnails.com. I endeavour to provide the sponsored review as soon as possible, but do understand I need some time to review your product. Also, sponsored reviews or discounted products will not influence my opinion on the particular product.

All the nail art and swatches as seen on this blog are fully done by me unless stated otherwise.

No editing or photoshopping of my pictures on this blog is allowed, please do not use my images without CREDITING me. Hence, if you would like to use my pictures, please always credit me by

I appreciate everyone who takes an interest in my work, but I do not allow stealing of images and any reposting of them without crediting me (even if my pictures are watermarked).

I try my best to credit every image use to its owner. However, if the image belongs to you and I did not credit, or if you want it removed, please let me know at twentysixnails@gmail.com.


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